Fiber Care Instructions

ECO-WOOL FELTED LAUNDRY BALLS – Place three balls in your dryer with your clothes to shorten drying time, soften, and reduce static cling.  No more chemical-laden dryer sheets or commercial softeners. Made from wool grown on our farm.

LAMBSKIN WASHING INSTRUCTIONS – Wash skin in 80-degree water with mild liquid detergent on gentle cycle.  Some customers and a teaspoon of olive oil to the rinse bath.  Spin out excess water.  Hang dry in room temperature, indoors, out of sunlight.  While it is still a little damp, occasionally stretch the hide from side to side to help open up the leather.  The leather will lighten in color and become soft.  (If the hide is too wet, the stretching will not accomplish anything.)  If the hide becomes too dry prior to stretching, lightly moisten the leather with water, and fold the hide leather-to-leather.  Once the leather becomes damp, proceed with stretching.

YARN AND ROVING – Wash by hand in tepid water using dish soap such as Dawn (not Woolite).  For hand-dyed colors add white vinegar for both wash and rinses.  Dry flat and shape.