The Fiber Mill

Established in the limestone hills of south-central Wisconsin in 1978, Rainbow Fleece Farm developed a “natural rainbow” of colored sheep for hand-spinning wool.

Our multi-colored flock consists of Merino, CVM, and Romadale fine wools, Leicester long wools, and Blue Face Leicesters.  Medium crosses combine fineness of crimp with luster and strength.

In 1998 we acquired our Saco-Lowell high production carder.  Built in 1915, this workhorse began another chapter in our wool on a small scale endeavor.  The addition of a small commercial picker with a blower, completed our equipment to go from fleece to ready to spin roving… producing “fibers with a flair.”

“Wool on a Small Scale” Custom Processing

You may purchase our wool or send yours!

  • Washing Wool – we use environmentally safe washing products.  Prices based on incoming raw weight.  Skirt well!
  • Raw Wool $5.00/lb
  • Rewash (fine wool/dirty/tacky wool) $5.00/lb
  • Handpicking Debris and Skirting $10.00/hour

Wool will be re-weighed for carding

Custom Carding

Our hand-controlled methods achieve stunning results!

  • Carding washed wool (fibers 2″-6″) $5.00/lb
  • 2nd run (extra cleaning and blending) $3.00/lb
  • Hand manipulated color or fiber blends $7.00/lb
  • Machine picking only $2.25/lb
  • Custom hand spinning $8.00/oz

We use no sticky oil in processing – resulting in a nice lofty roving.  Clouds/loose batts are an option for long wools or exotic blends.

The quality of your roving depends on how free it is of chaff, burrs, matts, or vegetation.  We reserve the right to reject anything which prevents us from giving you a beautiful product.

You will receive your own wool back!

  • Call ahead and “book” a carding session!  We will do individual roving design.

Also Available for Your Blending Needs:

  • Premium quality wool (natural colors or white)
  • Fine wool
  • Medium wool
  • Long wool
  • Exotic fibers
  • Alpaca-natural colors
  • Mohair
  • Camel down
  • Various silks
  • Mylar “glitz”
  • Dyed “fab-u-locks” (dyed lockwool)
  • Custom dyed wool

Let us create design roving for you!

Payment:  Cash, check or money order.  Large orders require prepayment.  For orders for washing – include prepayment of washing fees.

Shipping:  When your order is ready, we will call/e-mail you with costs, along with shipping and handling charges.  We will ship upon receipt of your payment.  We ship via U.S. Postal Service.

How to ship to us:  Use either U.S. Postal Service or UPS.  Be certain to include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail in a letter stating the number of boxes in your shipment and the date shipped, with full and clear instructions as to how and what you wish us to do.

Patty Reedy and Andy Wersal ~ W7181 Hustad Valley Rd. ~ New Glarus WI 53574 ~ 608-527-5311 ~ E-mail: